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Visa Applicaton Process

Flickr Photo: mthierry

The visa application process starts here! At the London Chinese Visa Services, we are able to apply, on your behalf, for a visa to enter the People's Republic of China for tourists, business travallers, students and family visitation.


All visa types cost the same (regardless of age), however, please note that your nationality and number of entries into China will determine the cost of the visa, so please check our pricing guide for further information.


Please ensure that you check out our step by step guide so that you're aware of the process.


Please note all visa types require different documentation so have a look at our guide before you visit our store to avoid further delays.


Don't forget, we have a very useful China Travel Guide and a list of useful phrases and social etiquette for your trip to China.


If you have any questions please check our FAQs or contact us via the contact form or via the following: +44-(0)207-437-5188. Alternatively, you are welcome to visit our head office at 14 Richmond Buildings, London W1D 3HQ.

Please note that if the visa gets rejected you will be charged, by the embassy, a £95 fee. However, going through our service minimises mistakes and will ensure the best chance of success. 


If you a tourist and plan on travelling to multiple destinations in China in a single trip, please contact us first as we need to explain the flight and hotel booking requirements further.


If you have previously applied for a visa to enter China and were rejected please be aware that it may get rejected again. Our staff will advise on a case by case basis in that situation.

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