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Shanghai World Financial Tower

In 2008, The Shanghai World Financial Centre opened and with it meant unparalleled sights. The tower stands at 1,614 feet and consists of 101 floors above ground and a further 3 underground.
There are three observation decks at the 94th, 97th and 100th levels. While all three decks offer amazing views of Shanghai and the Huangpu River, it is highly recommended visitors go on the 100th floor as there is a sky walk gallary with part of the floor made of glass.
The elevators incredibly only takes around 1 minute to get to the 95th floor so be ready for your ears to pop!
The Shanghai World Financial centre, affectionatly nicknamed The Bottle Opener, is a must visit attraction, but be warned it can get very busy and queuing for the entrance may take up to 2 hours during peak times.
How to get there:
  • Take Underground Line 2 to Lujiazui Station (exit 6) and follow the signs for a 10-15 minute walk.
Opening Times:


  • The Shanghai World Financial Centre is open from 8:00am to 11:00pm (last entry is at 10:00pm)

Admission Cost:

Prices and opening times are subject to change but are accurate as of April 2016. Please note we are not responsible for these changes.

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